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Are you considering visiting Orchardville Church for the very first time? Maybe you've been a few times, but would love to receive a tour of our facilities or meet some of our staff? 


Schedule your visit now and we'll: Meet you at the door, help you get your kids checked into Kids Church, introduce you around, save you a seat, & give you a tour of our facilities! 

We can't wait to meet you!


On your first Sunday, please be sure to fill out The Card in the back of your seat during service. Once you drop it off at our welcome desk on your way out, we'll give you a thank you gift for attending our service! These cards allow us get to know you better and share what's happening at Orchardville Church!


What should I wear?


Dress for Sunday morning worship ranges widely from church to church. Those attending our services throughout the week typically dress in a more casual manner.  However, we always encourage our visitors and our congregation to come as you are.  So please don't stress over the dress! 


What are the services like? 


Once you arrive, our greeters will be available to help you and your family prepare for an exciting worship experience. Special services are provided for children! Upon your arrival, they will be checked into their own worship service, allowing you to focus on receiving all that God has planned for your visit! 

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