Sunday Sync



There’s nothing worse than being out of sync.

Things just don’t work right when you are. We have the cure for that!
Each Sunday morning at 9:00 am, we offer age-based groups for adults from 18 to 180 (although we don’t
actually have anyone in that latter age range yet). Each group will gather to “sync up” with each other, “sync up” with God, and “sync up” with meeting each other’s needs. 
The morning will include an opening time of fellowship and just “catching up” with each other. There will be an
open discussion-style lesson that everyone will be able to participate in and to learn from each other. Lastly, there will be a committed time of addressing needs within the group and actually praying for each other.

This is the kind of life we were designed to have….one of fellowship with each other, fellowship with God, and serving each other’s needs. So come grab a cup of coffee with us and discover a richness of life that you may have been missing. It’s time to SYNC UP!