Rescued Women’s Conference


Rescued Women’s Conference

Hello Beautiful,
Have you ever been in an impossible situation? Maybe you feel like you are in one right now. The kind where your circumstances whisper that you’ll never make it through. Or maybe it’s the type where the odds are stacked so high against you that you feel like you can’t win no matter what you do. Or maybe it’s a situation where it feels so dark and desperate that you’re straining to find even a glimmer of light… The good news is that our God specializes in impossible situations. No matter how deep your pain…No matter how hard your struggle…No matter how far you fall…
He always comes to your rescue! 
Our goal at this years “Rescued” Women’s Conference is to empower women of all ages to live courageously by trusting in God, facing their greatest fears, and choosing life; especially when life seems un-choosable. It takes great courage to face this broken world. We want to help empower women to live boldly and courageously. We’re not talking about the kind of courage it takes to go bungee jumping or skydiving. We’re talking about the kind of courage it takes to put two feet on the floor in the morning when you don’t like your story or your circumstances. We know it’s not easy, but nothing good or worthwhile ever comes easy. We know that with small steps and by desperately clinging to God’s grace, we can achieve anything. So come as you are, from wherever you are in life, and learn about the love that rescued you and what you were rescued for!


Erika Yates
Conference Host
& Speaker
Hadley Goodwin
& Lance Warner
Worship Team
 Renee &
Matt Willis
Worship Team
 Kellie Eastham
Worship Team & Guest Speaker


Set your alarms! 
Ticket sales will begin on February 3rd! 
You will be able to purchase tickets both online & from any staff member during service times and office hours.
 When you register and pay by March 1st, you will receive an AMAZING gift bag as a thank you at the conference!
Mark Your Calendars! 
Exterior Doors open at 4:30pm!
A meal will be served during our fellowship hour from 5:00-5:45pm. The Conference begins at 6:00pm.
Sanctuary doors will open up for seating at 5:30pm!


Option One:
Click the link below to purchase them online
Option Two:
Find a staff member during service and they can help you register & pay
Option Three:
Print out the form below and turn it in to any staff member with your ticket fee